The oneSAFE® design makes it easy to grab only one glove at a time. Because the system allows users to touch the glove only at the cuff, the palm and fingers of the glove will not come into contact with the user’s bare hands. This new dispensing system provides the modularity and operational flexibility needed for long-term care and other operations.

  • Single glove dispensing system
  • Meets or exceeds a 2.5 Accepted Quality Level
  • Enhanced tactile sensitivity making it the ideal all purpose glove for medical needs
  • No aerosolization or drying of powder on skin with powder free gloves
  • Pebble texturing provides excellent wet and dry grip
  • Decreases an operation’s environmental footprint
  • Compatible with oneSAFE® acrylic dispensers: 11-1SF1 | 11-1SF3