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  • Reduced waste
  • Improved Hygiene

  • Incresed efficiency
  • Decreased footprint

oneSAFE® Products

One glove at a time. oneSAFE® products are designed to makes= it easy to grab only one glove at a time and put it on without contaminating other gloves in the box. Because the system allows users to touch the glove only on the cuff, the glove’s palm and fingers won’t come into contact with the user’s bare hands. The unique, single-glove dispensing system also helps reduce the amount of gloves contaminated, dropped and discarded, helping you control costs and run an efficient operation.

oneSAFE® Foodservice Gloves

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oneSAFE® Healthcare Gloves

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oneSAFE® Acrylic Dispensing Rack

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FoodHandler® White Paper
FoodHandler® White Paper